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The Last of Us season 2: when will it continue?

The series “The Last of Us” was able to fully meet expectations in the first season with 9 episodes and inspires both fans who already know the game and series friends who don’t have a penchant for video games. No wonder, then, that a second season of The Last of Us is secured after just a few episodes. It will be a while before the new episodes come out.

After the second episode, there was already official confirmation that “TLOU” season 2 would come. However, there is still no information about the start date. If you missed the first season or just became aware of the series, you can watch all episodes of The Last of Us streaming at WOW.

Watch The Last of Us on WOW

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The Last of Us: Season 2 officially confirmed

The official announcement for HBO’s second season:

The first season started in mid-January 2023. Unlike many series that are first published on streaming services, not all episodes are available at once. Instead, series fans had to be patient and wait for a new episode week after week. In Germany, the new episode will be released one day after the US premiere. The first season is suspended 9 episodes together. The finale celebrated its premiere on Monday night, March 13th. Fans have to wait a long time for new episodes.

The producing broadcaster HBO has already announced the new season, but it is not certain when the shooting will start. With the release of the second season is not before the end of 2024 to reckon with. While it’s not yet officially confirmed that Season 1’s main cast, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, will appear in the new episodes, it’s highly unlikely. Pedro Pascal did, however, in an interview with colliders announced that filming will begin in 2023. Experience has shown that filming should take at least a year. With a release of The Last of Us Season 2 is therefore not expected until the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. Producer Neil Druckmann also mentioned during a press conference that Bella Ramsey will continue to be seen in the series. Only she herself could still prevent being there if she didn’t feel like continuing to work on the series.

The Last of Us: how many seasons could there be?

What the second season will be about is not yet known. In terms of content, the current episodes implement the plot of the first game. Presumably the second season picks up on the events of the second game from 2020.

The Last of Us 2 (PS4)

The Last of Us 2 (PS4)

The price may be higher now. Price as of 03/13/2023 03:13

However, a previously unknown story could also be told, which, for example, tells the story between the two games. Game and series producer and writer Neil Druckmann but already announced, that you don’t want to tell any stories in TV production that have not already been discussed in the game. The series makers should not run out of material either. A third game is also at least being considered, so that there would be more material for a third season of “The Last of Us” series. But don’t expect too many sequels. Both Druckmann and the series creator Craig Mazin believe that the end point should be in time. Says so Mazin at Gizmodo:

“It’s not going to be one of those seven-season shows.”

You can currently tune in to the new episode of The Last of Us every Monday on Sky on TV or on WOW in the stream.

Watch The Last of Us on WOW

If you want to shorten the waiting time until the new episodes at least a little, you will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the production with a special episode shortly after the finale. HBO Max announces it will air a behind-the-scenes episode after the finale.

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