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the king of photography for less than 350 €

August 2020. Google is taking advantage of the summer period to launch the Pixel 4a, its brand new mid-range smartphone and lighter version of the Pixel 4. Unlike the previous Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, no XL version on the horizon this time. -this. The Mountain View firm relies on a single model, characterized by an ultra compact design, excellent photo performance (Google’s trademark), and a hyper aggressive price (349 € at the Fnac with free shipping).

First, let’s take a quick tour of the Pixel 4a datasheet : a 5.81 ″ OLED screen with a definition of 1080 x 2340 pixels, a Snapdragon 730G processor engraved in 8 nm, 128 GB of internal memory, 6 GB of LPDDR4x RAM, a 3140 mAh battery, and a main sensor of 12 , 2 MP.

This done, let’s look at the main qualities of this Pixel 4a: its autonomy and its photo rendering. Indeed, the manufacturer’s previous devices, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 in mind, have long had a terrible reputation on this side. On the Pixel 4a, the Mountain View firm has finally corrected the situation with this 3140 mAh battery. Indeed, the smartphone shows excellent energy management, and easily holds for two days in a row without going through the recharge box.

An honorable photo rendering

And who says Google Pixel says exemplary photo rendering. Does this Pixel 4a therefore honor the reputation of the manufacturer in this field? At a time when manufacturers have all given in to the fashion of the triple or even quadruple photo sensor, the Pixel 4a is satisfied with a simple rear sensor of 12.2 MP (opening f / 1.7) and a front sensor of 8 MP (f / 2.0 aperture).

In fact, and despite the absence of a wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, macro or TOF sensor, the Pixel 4a amazes with its excellent rendering. The color reproduction is very clean, the camera does very well in low light and the pictures are detailed. We must thank Google’s on-board artificial intelligence, which is responsible for applying software processing to each of your photos to refine the rendering. Another good surprise, the Pixel 4a will allow you to shoot in 4K and 30 FPS, in Full HD at 120 FPS or in HD at 240 FPS.

In short, the Pixel 4a stands out as a excellent mid-range photophone, all sold at a very low price given the quality of the photos. Indeed, Google has chosen to set the bill at 349 €, which makes the Pixel 4a one of the most affordable mid-range on the market. And if you are interested in an accessible 5G smartphone, know that Google launched in September 2020 the Pixel 4a 5G, a supercharged version of the Pixel 4a compatible with 5G, for only 499 € at Fnac, or 150 € more. For that price, you’ll enjoy more battery life, a dual rear sensor and a much more powerful Snapdragon 765G processor. That is the demand of the people ?

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