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A happy new year 2022 to our readers (and beyond…)!

A year has just ended, a difficult year for many, which will have spared us nothing in terms of constraints of all kinds; year of sadness for those who suffer or have lost a loved one, but also a year of passions and beautiful surprises for all lovers of high tech, science, superheroes, video games … or Apple products, passions which will have sometimes acted as a somewhat derisory “dressing” for our anxieties. In this world which often moves too quickly and which waits for no one, we fortunately have our little technological and geek hobbies, which also evolve, are changing at breakneck speed.

Tomorrow, in 2022 already, many technological novelties are emerging, novelties of which Apple remains one of the biggest current suppliers: iPhone 14, iPad mini-Led, Apple Watch S8, Mac M2, and above all, Apple VR, Apple’s first VR headset, which will undoubtedly be the start of a great adventure towards (or rather the) Metaverse. Fans of headed products should be in for a treat. Despite the pandemic, global warming, the high cost of living, our democratic disillusions and the bad prophecies of futuristic dystopias, we will continue to want to dream with our eyes open throughout this year 2022. And to paraphrase Free Guy, we do not wish you a good dear reader year (and beyond…), we wish you a great year.

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