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The Galaxy S23 more expensive than the S22, Netflix expects a loss of subscribers, this is the recap ‘of the week

Samsung is planning to increase the prices of its smartphones, Netflix’s anti-sharing measures could scare away subscribers, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is unveiled in a first concept, this is the recap ‘of the week.

While Samsung may decide to raise the prices of its S23 range, a designer is giving us a first concept of what the iPhone 15 Pro Max could look like. This week, the Netflix co-CEO admits to fearing many departures following anti-sharing measures and TorrentFreak specialists take stock of the many IPTV sites that could close this year thanks to ACE.

ACE makes life difficult for illegal streaming

The ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) continues its fight against digital piracy and the methods employed by this corporation seem particularly effective. Indeed, according to TorrentFreak specialists, many illegal streaming sites could close in 2023.

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TV Online and IPTV keys on a keyboard / Credit – 123rf

A preview of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Designer Antonio de Rosa took advantage of the many leaks and rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro Max to create a first concept of the future smartphone. The designer has produced a particularly convincing 3D video of what the future Apple flagship could look like. Do not hesitate to take a look at our news to find out the result.

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Credits – Antonio De Rosa/ADR Studio

A Tesla driver tries to refuel her vehicle with gasoline

It was the RED Delta channel that posted a video on its YouTube page of a driver who lacked information about her vehicle. Indeed, the young woman and her friend tried in vain to find the tank of the car in order to fill up with gasoline. Despite the explanations of the man behind the camera, the two Americans do not seem to believe him and persist in putting gasoline under the front hood of the Model 3.

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Credits – RED Delta via YouTube

All Galaxy S23 prices could increase

According to the famous leaker @billbil-kun, Samsung has unfortunately planned to increase the price of its smartphones. Indeed, the prices of all the models of the S23 range have been revealed and they are more expensive than their predecessors. In France, the standard model will be sold from 959 euros, the Galaxy S23 + will be available from 1219 euros and the S23 Ultra model from 1419 euros. Go to our news to find out about all the new prices.

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Anti-sharing measures: Will Netflix soon lose subscribers?

Netflix’s new co-CEO took advantage of an interview with Variety to confide in the fact that the service could soon lose many subscribers. Indeed, the end of account sharing will arrive during the first quarter of 2023 and could encourage many users to unsubscribe from the platform. Greg Peters admits he expects “a wave of departures in reaction“.

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Credits – 123rf

Our tests of the week

Lapierre E-Urban 6.5: an almost perfect electric bike

If you have the budget for a high-end electric bike, the Lapierre E-Urban 6.5 might interest you. Its Bosch motor is powerful and we appreciate its great autonomy thanks to its 500 Wh battery. If we put aside the somewhat limited transmission and the front headlight which deserves to be more powerful, it is a particularly attractive and comfortable urban electric bike.

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Vivo IQOO 11: this smartphone combines power and autonomy

Vivo offers here a smartphone with a mechanical sport design, combining power thanks to its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and good autonomy, except when you use games that are too greedy. It is equipped with the latest AMOLED screen from Samsung, a new generation screen with exceptional colorimetry. We regret that the Vivo IQOO 11 is not available in France.

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Xiaomi Mix Fold 2: a folding smartphone with a nice design

Xiaomi comes to compete with Samsung with its new folding smartphone, the Mix Fold 2. We love its particularly thin and elegant design which makes it very pleasant to look at and to handle. The two OLED screens of the device offer a nice contrast. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor provides plenty of power. Note that the software part is not yet available to us since it is reserved for the Chinese market only.

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Roborock Dyad Pro: a particularly effective mop

The Roborock Dyad Pro impressed us with its build quality, cleaning efficiency, battery life and maneuverability. It is very practical and can pass very close to the walls and its microfiber rollers dry quickly. Be careful, the self-cleaning is noisy, the DirTect Smart Senso technology can still be improved on uneven floors and the “official” detergent is still a bit expensive.

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