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The Czechs broke records with a mobile phone in hand on Christmas Day. We have operator data

A few hours after Christmas Day, Czech operators came up with statistics on how much and how their domestic customers used various services at this festive time. As might be expected, given the current situation, there has been an increase in many respects. Let’s take a look at what specific statistics Czech operators have collected for Christmas Day 2020. The biggest attraction was, of course, data transmissions. On the contrary, interest in classic SMSs has declined.

Operators and their statistics for Christmas Day 2020

T-Mobile reports that the volume of data transmissions jumped by 35% year-on-year. Specifically to 1,435 terabytes. The most used period was the evening and that especially after 10 p.m.. There were 16.7 million calls for this operator, ie 5% more than last year. People called mainly during the day, with the strongest quarter hour being between 10:15 and 10:30. SMS, on the other hand, decreased as the total number fell by 13% to 16.6 million.

Regarding the transfer of mobile data, the second highest jump was recorded by the O2 operator. Its customers “surfaced” 79% more volume than in 2019. It was about 1,638 terabytes, which is the highest overall value for the Czech operator troika. In terms of calls, this operator reports 14.6 million connections, an increase of 8.5%. Here, too, it was called mainly between ten and eleven in the morning. O2 also transmitted fewer SMS, specifically by 11%. There were about 14 million of them.

Vodafone reported the most extreme jump in the volume of mobile data, however, it has the lowest overall value overall. His clients took advantage 89% more data than last year. The specific number is 773 terabytes. For both calls and SMS, the third operator recorded declines. For telephone calls, the amount fell by 16% to 10.7 million (peak again 10:00 – 11:00) and for text messages by 12% to 11.8 million. The largest number of messages is said to have left at exactly 12:05. Vodafone also provided an interesting look at interstate calls. Last year, the most Czech numbers were called Germany, this year it was surpassed by Slovakia. The foreigners who called their country were most often from Sweden.


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