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the best deals of week 10

You can find deals everywhere, but do you have time to keep track of them? Probably not, that’s why we’ve listed a few for you.

LIDL Scale with app

Just a few more months and then summer will be upon us again. Before you get back into your speedo in Spain, you might want to take off a few kilos. This scale helps you with that because it can diagnose your body values ​​and send it to the free app.

-> This scale costs only € 9.99

ACTION Bodycam

The best images are those with action. For that you have to be as close as possible. You attach this bodycam to your clothes and it records everything for you. For example, fun during sports!

-> This bodycam costs only € 9.99

Tech deals at Lidl, Action and iBood: the best deals of week 10

iBood Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

You can already save a lot of costs if you turn a heater on or off in time. That is why a smart thermostat is a very good idea. This smart thermostat from Nest works seamlessly with you and Google.

-> Nest Learning Thermostat for only € 169.00

Tech deals at Lidl, Action and iBood: the best deals of week 10

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