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The best apps for your iPhone and iPad (December 2020)

If you go to the App Store in 2020, you will find apps under almost every category that claim one thing above all: to be the best of their kind. So it’s no wonder that more and more small programs are finding their way onto our end devices. With this list I want to give you a selection of the top apps for iOS and iPad OS. Please note that this is only a selection and my personal opinion.

Lose weight, maintain weight and gain weight with Yazio

The coronavirus pandemic is slowly leaving its mark. Due to the closure of sports facilities and leisure activities, our daily movement is mostly limited to the way between bedroom and living room. So it’s no wonder if a few pounds have actually crept onto my hips in the last few months. Yazio supports you in the fight against calories.

Compared to the classic apps My Fitness Pal from America and Lifesum from Sweden, Yazio comes from Germany and scores with a tidy and structured app. Your daily calorie goal is calculated based on your goal, products are simply scanned using the barcode scanner and added. With the Yazio Coach you will be suggested diet plans, the annual subscription is currently quite affordable at 23 euros.

Achieve goals with Habit

At the end of the year, the resolutions for 2021 will come to the fore again. Regardless of whether you want to stop smoking from today or do sports twice a week, digital support is also available for this area of ​​application. The Habit app shows you these goals clearly and motivates you in the long term.

To do this, you create any goal and define how often you want to achieve it per week or month. You can also set a color, an icon and the duration for which you want to track the target. With personal motivational notifications, focus is maintained and checking off another day without a cigarette, alcohol or frozen pizza makes you feel more satisfied. In my opinion, the basic version is sufficient, with Pro (5.49 euros) you can create more habits and get more statistics.

Query fuel prices with more fuel

Also because of the current pandemic, many are increasingly traveling by car and not by public transport. So it is also a rather lucky coincidence that the prices for diesel and gasoline are lower than they have been in a long time. So that you can still save a lot, more fuel helps you find the right time.

Using a manual search or your location, the app shows you where the nearest petrol pumps are and what the price of each fuel is. In addition, the mascot Flizzi gives you an indication of whether it is worth refueling now based on historical data or whether you should wait a little longer. For 2.99 euros a year, the annoying advertising disappears, so the premium version is always worth buying.

Sixt will bring you to your destination in different ways

But even those who do not have their own car want to get to their destination safely and comfortably. If you live in a larger city, car sharing vehicles, taxis or private transport services are usually the solution of choice. This works particularly well in the Sixt app, here you can book everything in one app.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can either rent and park a car sharing vehicle in the business area or you can use a taxi. If you need a fixed price for planning in advance, you can fall back on private service providers who will get you to your destination quickly. Another plus point: trips can be planned, so if you need a trip the next morning, you can book it in the evening.

Compensate for the ecological footprint with Ellie

Depending on how we shape our lives, we sometimes emit more, sometimes less greenhouse gases. For example, if you eat vegetarian food, your ecological footprint is smaller than if you eat a beef steak every day. But what is the price of our lifestyle? And can the emissions we cause be compensated?

Yes, with Ellie. Here you can navigate through different categories (food, drink, travel and other) and, for example, find your Christmas dinner this year. With one click, ingredients and routes can be pushed into the shopping cart, the output is then calculated. You can then offset these emissions by investing a certain amount of money per kilogram in sustainable projects. For example, anyone who drives 10,000 kilometers per year will be charged EUR 27.15.

Saving food with TooGoodToGo

Even if all catering establishments are only allowed to offer take-away food and drinks these days, something is left (almost) everywhere every day, which ultimately ends up in the garbage. That’s a shame, food waste is still at a high level. TooGoodToGo wants to change that.

In the app you will find participating restaurants that offer you a delicious meal before the shop closes or the weekend. These dishes are usually significantly reduced, but still have the same quality as usual. After all, people prefer to sell something at cheaper prices instead of throwing it away a few hours later.

So much for the (for me) best apps for December 2020. Over the next few months, we’ll be looking at other apps that can get you through the winter well.

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