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the app for wallpapers and ringtones

Have a new phone in your pocket or just need a new background, ringtone or notification sound? Zedge offers a catalog of tens of thousands of images and sounds, is easy to use and free. You can read everything about Zedge here.

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New wallpaper or ringtone? Check Zedge

Personalizing a smartphone or tablet with your own chosen background is of course nice. Choosing a ringtone or notification sound is also nice and you can often even set that per contact. But, where do you get those wallpapers and sounds? The Google Play Store is a good source, because there you will find hundreds of apps that offer this. Zedge has been a popular player in that field for years, and it makes sense.

Fine and clear design

Zedge can only be used in English, but is a simplistic app in design. The hamburger menu icon can be found at the top left. If you tap on it, you can quickly continue navigating. For example, choose backgrounds, video wallpapers or ring tones. You will also find your stored pictures and sounds there, so that you have them immediately at hand.

Zedge exudes peace in everything and that is nice. If you tap a category, you will see three tabs: home, categories and premium. You can only view the latter section if you subscribe to Zedge, more about that later. You can of course also search for sounds, ringtones and backgrounds with the quick search function.

The home section shows, among other things, the most popular pictures and sounds, so you can immediately see (or hear) whether it is right for you. If you have found a nice wallpaper or ringtone, you can share it immediately, use it or save it as a favorite. If you scroll to the right, you will immediately see similar images that you might also like to use. This works the same for ringtones and notification sounds, so that you quickly find what you are looking for.

Searching in categories also works very well. Are you looking for a specific type of background or notification sound? That is a matter of tapping the right category and continuing your search. With backgrounds you can think of nature, animals or, for example, patterns. Different sections for ringtones and notification sounds include dance music, hip hop, jazz or sound effects.

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