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That’s how fast the Samsung flagship ApkRig is

How strong is the Galaxy S21 Ultra? The closer the release date approaches, the more exciting the question of whether the new Samsung flagship is stronger than, for example, the iPhone 12 Pro. Now there are new indications of the speed of the top smartphone.

The alleged Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with Exynos chipset appeared in the Geekbench database, as reported by PhoneArena. This is not uncommon shortly before the release of a new smartphone. The Ultra version of the Galaxy S21 comes here with a calculation core on the result of 1006 points; with several cores the device gets 3059 points. The results of the Galaxy S21 + are on the same level and even a little better: with one core 1040 points and with multiple cores 3107 points.

iPhone 12 in front – still

However, whether this is enough to hold a candle to the iPhone 12 Pro remains to be seen. The Apple flagship with the A14 Bionic got 1590 points with one core in the same test by Geekbench. The score is even an impressive 3988 points for several computing cores. If the device that has now appeared is the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it would be left behind in a direct comparison.

However, according to PhoneArena, the values ​​could still improve if the Galaxy S21 Ultra actually appears – and it is not a test device. It should also be noted that benchmark comparisons are theoretical values ​​that are determined under laboratory conditions. In practice, the difference to the iPhone 12 Pro should hardly be noticeable.

Exynos better than Snapdragon?

Rather, the exciting question is whether there is a noticeable difference in performance between the Snapdragon from Qualcomm and the Exynos from Samsung in the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Co. Because Samsung is also expected to release this model in different regions with different chipsets. In this country we can look forward to the (supposedly stronger) Exynos chip – because the Snapdragon 888 does a little worse in the benchmark comparison.

A lot of patience is no longer required: Samsung is expected to present the Galaxy S21 with its sibling models to the public on January 14, 2021. Until then, you can find all the rumors about the smartphone in our extensive overview, which we are constantly updating.

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