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Tesla breaks price war from the fence

Tesla has not only attracted the interest of potential buyers with its price cuts. The competition also looks very closely when the prices of the e-car Primus fall. Because the discounts at Tesla are a real declaration of war for the industry. A first manufacturer accepts the challenge and in turn lowers the prices.

First reaction from Tesla: China manufacturer lowers prices for electric cars

Tesla has recently been charging significantly less money for its electric cars in many markets around the world. In Germany, the prices for the two volume models Model 3 and Model Y have fallen by several thousand euros, depending on the version, while in China the second wave of reductions in particular has driven many angry customers to the barricades. But now it is also evident in China that Tesla’s decision is also one Announcement to the competition is.

Because the Chinese E-car brand Xpeng has also announced worthwhile price adjustments. Depending on the model, the prices are converted by up to almost 4,900 euros reduced. This applies to the successful P7 electric sedan, which is a good 13 percent cheaper. The P5 and G31 models are also sold for less money. According to Xpeng, the E-SUV G9 is an exception (source: Electrek).

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

Unlike Tesla, Xpeng also has one Compensation for customers planned, which struck shortly before the reductions. You should be able to use an extended care and maintenance offer free of charge.

However, the Chinese auto start-up has yet no official plans for Germany. In this country, nobody has anything from the reduced prices. In Europe, Xpeng has so far offered its electric cars in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Chinese e-cars are not to be trifled with:

After Tesla announcement: Will e-car manufacturers follow suit?

But Xpeng could only be the first in a long line of manufacturers who feel compelled to make price corrections in Tesla’s wake. Officially, the Chinese carmaker justifies the step by saying that they want to make electric cars accessible to a wide range of customers anyway. According to a spokesman, Xpeng also wants to improve the competitive situation for its current models. A clearer one Admission, that Tesla’s price cuts unite strong pressure built on the competitors in China is unlikely to be maintained.

Whether VW and other well-known manufacturers are also reacting or in the current situation able to afford price cuts at all, must be shown. It is also certain that the Chinese manufacturers will adjust their prices on the German market.

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