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Telegram comes with paid features, Ads and Voice Chats

New functions are on the way for the Telegram messaging service. The application will make various paid functions and also it introduces Voice Chats. We list the details.

Telegram with Voice Chats

An update for the Telegram app is available in the Google Play Store. The new version brings one big new feature; Voice Chats. The function becomes available in the groups where they can serve as a virtual office space, as it were.

Telegram says the function has similarities with voice calls, but talking (and mute) should all run a bit more pleasant. You don’t have to stay on the same screen. In the Android app you can use the floating window, so that you can have Google Maps or another app open in the meantime. You can immediately see who is talking or who is listening. In 2021, Voice Chats must be expanded with video and screen sharing. Telegram has added the following new features with this update;

  • Turn your group chats into a hop-on hop-off call with a few thousand participants.
  • Save Telegram data to your SD card.
  • Edit photos you’ve sent without resending them.
  • Download stickers faster and see glittering outlines as they load.
  • Enjoy new animations at the “New Message” button, user profiles, chat folders and message counters.

Telegram Voice Chat

Ads and Paid Features

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, also announces that there are plans to make money with Telegram. There will be paid functions for companies and very intensive users. It is unclear which functions these will be and when you are a ‘power user’, as they are called. There must also be a revenue model for the makers of stickers, so that users can also earn something.

There is also thought of advertising in channels. The advertisements must come from a proprietary advertising platform. The income is needed to keep Telegram running. The platform now has more than 500 million active users, the costs are now largely paid by the founder himself. He further emphasizes that he does not intend to sell Telegram. In order to further develop the service, there must be a way to raise money with it.

It is not known what the advertisements and the like will look like. It is also unclear when the paid functions and advertisements will be added to Telegram.


The Telegram 7.3 update brings a lot of other improvements. We have listed them below.

Voice chats in groups

  • Turn your group chats into a hop-on hop-off call.
  • Choose Start Voice Chat under Kies in the profile of a group you manage to create a voice chat.
  • Get up to a few thousand participants in each voice chat.
  • Control the number of speakers with flexible management tools.

SD card storage

  • Choose your SD card as the storage location for Telegram data.
  • Editing improvements
  • Edit a photo you sent to add effects, drawings or stickers without resending it.
  • See how many characters are left before you hit the limit when editing messages and captions.

Sticker outlines

  • Download stickers faster and see glittering outlines as they load.

New animations

  • Enjoy smooth animations when you tap the “New Message” button, open user profiles or manage chat folders.
  • See the animated numbers change in the message counters in the chat list, folders or shared media.

More animated emoji

  • Send a single 🤗🥺🤠🥴🤫🤥🤑🤩🤭☠️
    🔍🔎💤✨⚡️⭐️🦾 or 💪 to see the latest animated emoji.

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