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Ted Lasso: 795 million minutes of viewing in one week!

AppleTV+ fires all wood, and apart from a few small failures, the new products are almost always of excellent quality. So does the new comedy series Platonic with Seth Rogen And Rose Byrne featured, and of course Prehistoric Planet 2, which turns out to be even more stunning than the first season (the special effects are truly spectacular). The 5th and last episode of this great program is also available today. Despite this avalanche of great new features, guess who continues to dominate Apple TV+ in terms of popularity? Ted Lasso of course!

Nielsen has made its small regular count of the viewing time of series and films on different platforms, and during the week of April 24 to 30, Ted Lasso was the 8th most watched program in the United States, accumulating nearly 800 million minutes of viewing (795 million exactly)! It should be noted that over the same week, the top 5 most watched programs are entirely made up of Netflix series, which means, and this is nothing new, that Apple TV+ does better than Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus. . Unfortunately, there will be no season 3 for Ted Lasso, which means that Apple TV+ will have to find a new “banger” to still appear in the charts.

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