Meaning of the word in youth language (TikTok & Co.)

In social networks like TikTok and Instagram or in the chat you read unfamiliar words again and again. So you can encounter the expression “same” without knowing what to do with it. What does this “same” mean?

In the net language it is a word from English. It is pronounced something like “säjm”.

What does “Same” mean in online lingo?

“Same” translated into German means “even“, “the same thing“, “just as” or “identical“.

In the online language, it can be used in various contexts. If someone writes nothing more than “same”, you want agree with a previous statement. One is therefore of the same opinion as the previous speaker. There is no clear German translation in such cases. If one were to do without the English “same”, one would have to use more than just one word in German. The German equivalent would be something like:

  • “Yes I think the same.”
  • “The same thing happened to me”.

So you can use it whenever you want to agree with someone or express that you think the same way. The word was already on the list for the election of the youth word of the year in 2021, but the race was “cringe” back then.

“Same”: meaning of the word in TikTok, memes & co.

Sometimes “same” is also used in conjunction with other words. When someone writes “we are not the same”, they want to separate someone from another group.

If, on the other hand, it says something like “same energy”, you are comparing two things that are in some respects the same. This is often a popular meme motif that equates two completely different things.

It’s similar with the meme “they are the same picture’, showing two images that are different but have something in common. An example of using “same” as a meme:

The expression “Same same but different“. It means something that is similar but very different. It is used, for example, to describe counterfeit products such as badly copied Adidas clothing or clothing from other manufacturers on which a well-known brand is printed, but the quality is inferior. “Same same but different” can also be used without judgment if something looks the same at first glance and you only notice the differences on closer inspection:

With us you will find many more explanations of words from the youth and net language. For example, you can read the meaning of the expressions “sorry not sorry” or “period” on TikTok and Co.

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