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Streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+ will become one in 2023

The entertainment company Warner Bros. Discovery is merging its two streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+. A combined service should appear in the United States in the summer of 2023, followed by a rollout to other countries.

HBO Max and Discovery+

This year HBO Max appeared in the Netherlands, but from next year there are already big changes on the program. Discovery+ is part of the same parent company as HBO Max and therefore the decision to join forces of both services follows. That news comes from David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, with the announcement of new quarterly figures. The combined service should of course make a bigger fist against competitors such as Disney+ and Netflix.

It is not yet known what the consequences of the merger will be for customers of Discovery+ and HBO Max in the Netherlands. In the US, there will be a transition period next year where customers will be able to see all Discovery+ content on HBO Max and vice versa. In 2024, the services will also be combined in the Netherlands.

And then there is the issue of the discount for HBO Max customers in the Netherlands. At the launch of the streaming service this spring, she immediately offered a solid 50 percent discount that would apply “for life”. It remains to be seen whether the discount will remain if the service is combined with Discovery+. Androidworld asked HBO Max for a response and we’ll update this article as it comes.

Subscription with advertising?

Currently, HBO Max and Discovery+ together already have 92.1 million subscribers worldwide. Still, Warner Bros. Discovery to grow strongly by 2025 thanks to the combined service. There must be 130 million subscribers. The company is also considering a cheaper plan for its service, one that comes with advertising. In the US, there is currently already an advertising subscription to HBO Max.

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