Startup check: you should know these 6 startups

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In every t3n issue we present exciting start-ups from German-speaking countries. This time there: Givetastic from Hanover, Emlen from Saarbrücken and Purish from Berlin.

Applaudio: You can clap!

During his time at Google, Fabian Essrich noticed one thing particularly positively: his own tool for appreciating colleagues. This has noticeably strengthened the cohesion among the employees. Together with Lukas Menges, he has now developed a digital tool himself: Applaudio. Each employee receives a certain quota of so-called Bravos per quarter, which they can give to colleagues. Optionally, companies can also convert the Bravos into monetary benefits. The start-up from Konstanz was only founded in June of this year, but has already completed the pilot phase. The makers earn money through a usage fee that companies with ten or more employees pay.

Our verdict: Expressing appreciation is essential, especially in times of home office and remote work. But do teams really need another tool for this? Especially in crises, HR topics tend to be put on the back burner.

Boost Thyroid: Track the thyroid

Over 350 million people worldwide suffer from an underactive thyroid. The symptoms are varied and often not very specific. With the Boost Thyroid app, the three founders Vedrana Högqvist Tabor, Mikael Högqvist Tabor and Jean-Étienne Parrot want to help monitor the hormone balance and optimize the individual medication plan. In addition to the tracking functions, the application, which is currently only available in Apple’s App Store, offers tips and knowledge about the thyroid gland. The startup behind the app was founded in December 2016. The business model follows a freemium approach. The basic functions are free, for the Pro version there is either a monthly fee of 2.99 euros, an annual fee or a one-off payment of 49.99 euros for unlimited use. The startup currently has two locations – in Berlin and Australia.

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Our verdict: The startup behind Boost Thyroid was selected by the EU Commission for “Horizon 2020” funding. The reviews in the app store are very positive. However, there are some competing apps.

(Image: Givetastic)

Givetastic: Digital wallet for corporate donations

With Givetastic, Vidya Munde-Müller has developed an app that companies can use as a digital wallet for donations. This is how it works: Upload a donation budget to the app and provide each employee with an amount. Everyone is free to decide for which charitable causes he or she donates. All NGOs listed on are available as recipients in the app. The team behind the app wants to kill two birds with one stone: Promote corporate social responsibility and position companies as value-oriented and therefore attractive employers. Givetastic wants to finance itself through an agency fee. The startup, founded in 2019, took third place in the Hannoverimpuls start-up competition.

Our verdict: Value orientation is becoming more and more important for companies – also for attracting and retaining employees. The timing could therefore be just right for Givetastic. So far, however, the startup has only been able to pilot with a few companies. The task now is to win large, financially strong customers.

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