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Spotify introduces ‘Stories’ and finally lets you customize playlists better

Spotify has prepared a number of new functions for the Android app. From now on you will find the (infamous) Stories in the music app. It is also possible to adjust more things to your playlist.

Spotify Stories

After Instagram, Snapchat and many other applications, the music service Spotify now also has the stories function. This is renamed as ‘Stories’ with various apps, but with Spotify it is approached slightly differently. They are a bit more hidden than with the social networks and you cannot find them everywhere. In any case, the Stories function can be found in the Christmas Hits playlist of Spotify. There, various artists introduce the Christmas hit list.

For the time being, it is also unclear what the music service will do with the function. We expect that the function will also become available to artists who can share their story in this way. Users do not share stories themselves, but only view other stories. In terms of design, the stories look almost the same as we know them from other services.

Edit playlists

Another new feature that is rolling out is the ability to edit playlists. Editing your playlist has been possible for some time, where you can adjust the order of the songs. However, the first users are now reporting other changes. Besides changing the order, you can now also change the details and the cover photo (the photo of the album cover). Previously, this was not possible with the Spotify app and you had to use the desktop version on your computer. The functionality does not seem to be available to everyone yet.

Spotify edit playlist

Spotify - Music and podcasts
Spotify - Music and podcasts

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