Spotify has prepared a new package for less demanding listeners

You may have heard that one of the most popular music playback applications, Spotify, opens up a new option for listeners that is a cheaper alternative to Spotify Premium. The new project, in which apka has incorporated something from the premium and something from the free version, will be called Spotify Plus. Information provided by

What will this package contain?

This new paid option to listen to music will include ads, as is the case with the free version. However, the advantage will be that you will not be limited by the number of songs you can skip per hour. This package will also include the option to choose which specific genre and song you want to play. You will no longer be limited by the playlists that the application will automatically select for you.

What will the price of Spotify Plus be?

Surely at least one of you has already seen ads for the aforementioned Spotify Plus. The price is also mentioned in these announcements. That will be $ 0.99. If you have a paid version then you probably know that the Plus package will cost only a tenth of what is premium.

The Spotify app allows users to listen to music for free since 2018. This option allows you to skip more than 6 songs per hour and allows you to listen to music from only 15 playlists it randomly generates, such as “Daily Mix” or “News of the Week.” Outside of these playlists, listeners can only listen to randomly selected songs.

Spotify points out that maybe the Plus package won’t be released in exactly the form we mentioned above in the article. Apka has a history of tests for changes that sometimes lasted a long time or were not released at all. An example of these tests is the official announcement of the arrival of music in “Hi-Fi” streaming quality, which we are still waiting for. We can also expect other tests, such as visual cards for podcasts and Snapchat-inspired “stories” on playlists, from this well-known brand.

Are you a user of the Free version of this music streaming application? If so, let us know how satisfied you are with her below in the comments below this article.

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