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Sony continues to produce PS4 due to lack of PS5 -apkrig

A Sony spokesman confirmed at Bloomberg’s inquiry that production of the PlayStation 4 would continue in 2022. Although he did not comment on the situation, he underlined the success of the PS4 and indicated that the intergenerational transition period always takes some time. However, Bloomberg turned to sources close to Sony and received an anonymous statement as to why production of the previous generation console would begin in the second year after the launch of the PlayStation 5.

“Although Sony never announced when the PS4 would cease production, it had previously planned to end the process at the end of 2021,” says Bloomberg, resp. its resources. Because the previous-generation console uses less advanced chips, it’s easier to manufacture and a cost-effective alternative to the more powerful PS5. According to Bloomberg, an increase in production orders by adding a cheaper PS4 model could guarantee Sony more room to negotiate with production partners on better terms, which could be reflected in the future in connection with the PS5.

According to this strategy, approximately one million new PS4s could be produced in 2022, with the volume adjusted to demand. In addition, this approach could visually reduce and keep up with the PlayStation 5’s shortage on the bridle growing interest. However, as Bloomberg suggests further, paradoxically, even older consoles could become a target for resellers and, as in the case of the graphics card market, make PS4 a scarce commodity in addition to Nvidia and AMD discontinued models. In any case, the console with more than 116 million units sold will look into its tenth year of existence and has the potential to get closer to the total sales of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color handhelds, which ranks third in the table with 118.69 million units.

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