Set up and use Apple Pay – that’s how it works

Apple Pay has long since arrived in Germany – many customers are already using their iPhone or Apple Watch for contactless payments at the checkout. How to set up the system with your own bank card and how payment (even with a mask) works, GIGA explains in this article.

Set up Apple Pay: Compatible devices and banks

With Apple Pay you can use the iPhone and Apple Watch for contactless payments in shops. Macs and iPads can also take part – in online shops and apps, for example. In order for Apple Pay to work, you need a compatible Apple device and a bank that supports the payment method.

You can use Apple Pay on these Apple devices:

  1. iPhones with Face ID or Touch ID (except the iPhone 5s)
  2. iPads with Touch ID or Face ID
  3. Apple Watch (all types)
  4. Macs with Touch ID and Models since 2012 (with compatible iPhone or Apple Watch)

iPhones and Apple Watch models can be in shops use and also occasionally in public transport. With iPads and Macs the possibilities are more limited: A stored card is useful for these devices, especially for Shopping on the Internet. The function of sending money directly to friends via Apple Pay (for example to share a bill) is not yet supported in Germany.

You have to use Apple Pay on any devicethat you want to use for this must be set up separately. However, the steps differ little between iOS devices and MacBooks or iMacs.

How to set up Apple Pay on an iPhone (Apple recommends installing the latest software on it first):

  1. Open the app Wallet (on the Mac under Settings).
  2. Now follow the stepsthat appear on the display. You need to have your bank card on hand. Depending on the card, it may be the case that you first have to load the app of the relevant card issuer in order to be able to use it in Wallet.
  3. Tap on Continue. Your bank may now need more information.
  4. If everything fits, tap again Continue. Apple Pay is now available to you.

Set up Apple Pay on the iPhone in just a few steps – Apple’s instructions in the video:

Use Apple Pay at checkout

It is easy to see whether you can pay with Apple Pay at a till. At least one of the following symbols should be seen:

Image: Apple

Paying itself is very easy:

  1. To pay with a Face ID iPhone, first press the side button twice.
  2. Now that follows Authentication with Face ID. If you have a mask on, you have to use the Code of your iPhone type in.
  3. Now hold your iPhone near the contactless reader to pay with the bank card stored in the wallet.

At iPhones with Touch ID you don’t have to double-click the side button, but place your finger directly on the Touch ID sensor and guide the iPhone near the reader. The payment process starts automatically.

On a Apple Watch you have to press the side button twice and then you can select the desired map (if you have saved several). Then you hold the watch near the reader to pay. By the way: On the Apple Watch you have to set up Apple Pay in the Apple Watch app. To do this, start the app and tap on My watch, then on Wallet & Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay in German: Screenshots and video of the setup

Apple Pay in Germany: These card issuers are included

Of course, Apple Pay can only be used if you have a card from a supported card issuer. The alphabetical list below shows which these are. For other countries you can find banks that participate in Apple Pay, on Apple’s website.

These banks support Apple Pay in Germany: Advanzia Bank, American Express, Augsburger Aktienbank, Barclaycard, Bank of America, BBBank, bunq, C24, comdirect, Commerzbank AG, Consors Bank, Consors Finanz, Crosscard, Curve, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Kreditbank AG (Visa credit cards, Lufthansa Miles & More credit card, Porsche Card), DKB, fidor BANK, Fleetmoney, Hanseatic Bank, HypoVereinsbank / UniCredit Bank AG, iCard, ING, Klarna, Landesbank, LBB ADAC, LBBW, LBBW (Mercedes credit card), MLP Banking, Monese, N26, Netbank, Norisbank, o2 Banking, OLB, Openbank, Pleo, PSD banks, Revolut, Solaris Bank, Sparda-Bank Berlin, Sparda-Bank Südwest, Savings bank (Visa and Mastercard credit cards, girocard debit cards), Stocard, Ticket Restaurant Edenred, Tomorrow, TransferWise, Triodos Bank, Viabuy, VIMpay, Viva Wallet, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, Volkswagen Bank, VW,

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