SandwichBike from Pedal Factory: wooden bicycle breaks through

The SandwichBike is not called that for nothing. The wooden bicycle consists of a double wooden frame with the other parts in between. After a few setbacks, the time has finally come, you can now order this unique bike by mail. Because it is very suitable for that thanks to its unique design.

SandwichBike as a quirky sustainable Dutch design

We don’t have to complain in the Netherlands when it comes to idiosyncratic design talent. Solar cars such as the LightSpeed, the pioneering electric bicycles of various brands, including Koga and Sparta, and various other remarkable ideas have already been launched.

The wooden SandwichBike from PedalFactory from Nijmegen also attracted international publicity and conquered a loyal fan base. No wonder. The design of this bicycle with wooden frame is without a doubt unique. Not only does the frame consist of wood, it is also doubled. This makes it possible to transport by post with a minimum amount of packaging material, which also makes the bicycle extra durable.

This somewhat lower model has a steel front fork and is somewhat cheaper.

Do-it-yourself bike

You can see the bike as a huge 3D puzzle. The total package consists of less than fifty parts, and is also provided with a good manual and all the tools you need. In the words of PedalFactory: if you can invest a sandwich, you can also assemble your SandwichBike. We think they’re exaggerating a bit here, but there’s no question that it would be easy for someone with a bit of handyness to assemble this bike.

The disadvantage of the wooden frame is that it is more sensitive to weather influences than steel or aluminum, although the manufacturer has treated it thoroughly. On the other hand, wood cannot rust. It also feels more pleasant when the weather is cold or very hot, because wood insulates well and does not conduct heat very well, like metal. In short: a unique experience, both when assembling and when riding this wooden bicycle.

SandwichBike mounting
It’s a bit of a puzzle, but then you also have something. Source: SandwichBike

SandwichBike prototype was stolen

Things didn’t go well for the designer of this bike, Basten Leijh, in the beginning. When he participated in a bicycle show in Taiwan in 2006, his prototype, with the necessary technical knowledge incorporated, was stolen. Interest in this remarkable bike continued, worldwide. Inspired by the continued interest, he persevered and teamed up with others to bring the bike into production.

As of 2013, the bike has been available from PedalFactory and has since gone around the world by mail. The wood comes from trees from a sustainable forest in Germany. The factory is currently working on a production line for children’s bicycles, also made of wood.


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