Samsung’s new folding smartphone is thriving on sales

It’s been a few days since the introduction of Samsung’s new folding smartphones. The SamMobile web portal reports that interest in these news is really in place. Many people are motivated to buy by the lower price.

Folding news from Samsung is sold as warm rolls

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 can be pre-ordered by customers from practically all over the world. These are innovations that have brought improvements in several respects. Their processing is significantly better, while the manufacturer has even managed to reduce their price. It is more than likely that they will eventually become successful devices. This also means an above-average number of pre-orders.

Galaxy Z Fold3 | Photo: Editorial staff

In South Korea’s home, Samsung received up to 450,000 pre-orders for both of the latest folding models. According to many market analysts, this number is expected to rise to 600,000 units. It is worth mentioning that it is only about smartphones from operators. If we add models sold independently of the operator, we should receive an amount of 800,000 pre-orders for a new device from the Galaxy Z series.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
Galaxy Z Flip3 | Photo: Editorial staff

This is twice as much interest as it was after the introduction of the Galaxy S21 flagship series. Interest in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series was 1.5 times lower. The younger individuals are mainly interested in the new “puzzles”. The local mobile operator reports that 49 percent of pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Fold3 come from people in the 20-30 age group.

57 percent of people of the same age are interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. The South Korean giant has apparently managed to present something groundbreaking that motivates many individuals to buy. It looks like the price reduction has really worked. It will also be great if more and more users are satisfied with the new puzzles. This will also motivate many other manufacturers to improve the technology needed to make folding smartphones. Currently, for example, the Motorola razr 5G or Huawei Mate Xs can compete with the new products.

We also asked the Slovak representation of Samsung about the situation regarding pre-orders. As soon as we receive the information, we will update the article.

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