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Samsung shares teaser for Galaxy S23 and hints at special night mode

Samsung will announce the new Galaxy S23 series on February 1. The company is now sharing a new teaser, which gives us a little more information about the three new models in the series. The teaser shares information about the night mode in the device.

Night mode teaser for Galaxy S23

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 models will finally be in the spotlight on February 1. Until then, we have to make do with the rumors and other information that comes in about the devices. Press photos of the colors already appeared this week. Now we find out the following about the smartphones. Samsung will probably provide the new Galaxy S23 series with an even better camera, with the night mode receiving more attention. Granted; the night mode already managed to deliver almost perfect pictures with the Galaxy S22 series, so we are curious what improvements Samsung has in store for us.

Based on the information from the teaser, there is a lot to expect. Samsung uses the terms ‘Mode for moonlight’, ‘Capture the night, even in low light’, ‘Stunning night photos are coming’, ‘Megapixels that will make you say wow’ and ‘Wow-worthy resolution is coming’. All this should happen soon, so there is no doubt that this is the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. There have been reports for some time that Samsung is tinkering with improvements for the camera, especially for the night mode.

It is quite possible that an extra focus will be placed on this, making night photos even more beautiful. In addition, Samsung is planning to provide the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200 megapixel camera. We will hear all the details on the first day of February.

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