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‘Samsung Galaxy S23 display will break this record’

‘Samsung Galaxy S23 display will break this record’

The time when we could no longer view the screen of our smartphone in sunlight is long gone. Almost all smartphones nowadays have such a bright screen that it is still easy to read in direct sunlight. However, Samsung goes one step further.

Screen up to 2200 nits

According to several rumors, Samsung will integrate a display with a peak brightness of 2,200 nits in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Sammobile reports. With this, the phone will take over the record for the ‘brightest display in a smartphone’ from Apple. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro has a screen with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits.

The more nits, the brighter the screen can be. A small comparison: about five years ago we had displays with a peak brightness of about 650 nits and three years ago we saw 850 nits. Really big steps have been made in this regard since 2021, when the Galaxy S21, for example, received a screen with a peak brightness of 1,300 nits.

About half a year ago I tested the Samsung Galaxy S22+. This device has a screen with a maximum brightness of 1,750 nits. I said the following about it in the review:

The display of the Galaxy S22 Plus is truly a pleasure to look at. With 1,750 nits, the screen can still be read perfectly from all angles in direct sunlight. With this, the Galaxy S22 Plus’s screen might just be the best I’ve ever seen.

Firmer glass

In addition to the fact that the displays of the Galaxy S23 series will probably become even brighter compared to their predecessors, the panels will also be more resistant to scratches and fall damage. In all likelihood, the phones from the S23 series will receive a new version of Corning Gorilla Glass. You can read more about Gorilla Glass here.

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