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Samsung Galaxy S21 series prices announced, new render S21 Plus

The probable prices of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series are on the street. The new top phones from the Korean manufacturer may be slightly cheaper than their predecessors. New renders of the S21 Plus have also appeared.

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‘These are the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series’

Samsung will announce the Galaxy S21 series early next year. A lot is already known about the smartphones and now we also get an idea of ​​what they will cost. Website Naver comes with the following awards:

All S21 models are expected to have 5G. That makes a comparison with the Galaxy S20 series somewhat difficult, since cheaper 4G versions have also appeared. Nevertheless, we give it a try: the Galaxy S20 5G was on the market for 999 dollars. If these prices are correct, the S21 would be 100 to 150 dollars cheaper than its immediate predecessor. The difference is about the same for the other two models. How much smartphones will cost in the Netherlands is not yet known.

New renders have also appeared of the Galaxy S21 Plus. They are very similar to previously published images of the Galaxy S21, but the edges are a bit thinner on these versions. We still have to wait and see what the smartphones will actually look like. Samsung may present the S21 models in February.

We already know this about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S21 series are flying around our ears. In terms of specifications, the new smartphones seem to be very similar to their predecessors. You could unlock them with your voice, and the S21 Ultra may receive support for the S Pen. Knowing more? We have listed all the rumors for you.

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