Samsung Calendar now includes a button for Google Meet

Among other things, the Samsung Calendar application was included in the last update Google Meet integration. The event management tool, which is an essential part of the system in Samsung phones, will have a direct connection to this video conferencing communicator. Specifically the Join button has been added. The novelty appeared in version, which is already available for download or update from the Galaxy Store in some regions.

Google Meet integration has changed the layout of other buttons in Samsung Calendar. The search is now moved to the main top menu next to the icons for drawing over the S Pen and going to the current date. In addition to the above, users will also receive the application the ability to play more with event colors. The current offer of six colors has been replaced by a much more varied palette. You can search for the new version in the Galaxy Store, or in the About section directly in the Calendar. Recall that Google Meet is currently free for all Google account holders.

How many times have you used Google Meet?

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