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Sagittarius zodiac sign: this says that about your child


Perhaps his friends already come over a lot, but otherwise there is a good chance that this will happen frequently in the coming years. A Sagittarius likes to meet people, is ready for others and has friends everywhere.

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Don’t be surprised if your child already has a great interest in the world. Archers are real adventurers: they love to travel, and a lot. So enjoy your mini-me even more in the coming years, before he chases Floortje Dessing or David Attenborough.

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A Sagittarius’ glass is usually half full. He is cheerful, reliable and very spontaneous. The latter can make him seem a bit tactless. And another downside: he sometimes finds it difficult to listen to others and likes to talk a lot about himself.


Later you will probably see your child in a creative and above all independent profession. Archers love to be in control and choose varied tasks. So think of a photographer, someone in the travel industry, an artist or importer.

Source: Paravision & Astro Art

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