STBNHCKR # 10 Special – How to properly plan your home office

It’s that time again, the two STUBENHACKERS Sascha and Karsten are back at the start! After the technical tips in the last episode, this time the two go into more detail on the subject of mindset and productivity.

The question that concerns us today: How do you turn your home into an office? And in such a way that you also like to work in it and work well.

  • What do you personally need to be able to work effectively in the home office?
  • So what is the best way to design your home office?

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We therefore ask you this time to have pen and paper or a suitable app ready. Because the questions we ask this episode can only be answered by yourself. Here are the first three, you can hear more suggestions and experiences in the current episode.

  1. What time are you most productive? (Morning grouches have our fullest understanding)
  2. What does your “home office” look like now? (Window, light, how many people are in the room)
  3. What do you hear? (Does it have to be quiet? Do you need background music or even music?)

We look forward to your comments, opinions, your feedback and of course your ratings on Apple Podcasts!

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