Roborock Dyad in test – Wet

Roborock Dyad – design and functionality

In addition to the wet & dry wiper of the same name, where the brushes are already integrated, the packaging of the Roborock Dyad also contains a replacement filter (one is already installed), a brush with an integrated blade for cutting hair and a stand with a power supply unit, which is next to the is also used in the store for the automatic self-cleaning of the brushes. Own cleaning agent, as is the case with some other models, is not included. But that is not so critical, since there are no restrictions here. A small amount is enough for the entire water tank. The fresh water tank is 850ml and the dirty water tank is 620ml, so significantly larger than many of last year’s models and slightly larger than more recent models. This gives you more than enough water to clean very large areas. Roborock specifies 280 m² for the Roborock Dyad.

I generally like the design of the Roborock Dyad very much and it is recognizable. In terms of color, black and white with a red accent color are the dominant colors. I even think that it looks a kind of retro design, especially on the head.

Unlike all other floor wipers, there are two brushes underneath the Roborock Dyad. More precisely: three brushes, because the second row is divided into two half brushes. The point of this is that when standing on the stand, the front brush can be pulled out from the front and the back row can be pulled out from the left and right. Both rows of brushes rotate on their own axis during operation while the brush is moistened with fresh water and cleaning agent. This happens by default in swipe mode. You can switch it to suction or drying mode for a short time with a button if the floor is already wet. So you can vacuum, mop the floor and vacuum up water with a single device. It is difficult to say whether the double brush is actually more effective than a single brush, as the difference is mainly noticeable when vacuuming liquids.

Above we have the handle of the Roborock Dyad, which acts as the control unit and where the control buttons are located. This allows you to switch the device on and off, change the wiping mode and have the brush washed automatically on the charging dock. So not much different than other devices.

Incidentally, the Roborock Dyad is the most flexible of the vacuum wipers. Because it’s one of the few I’ve tested so far that can be tilted more to the left and right. However, this flexibility has its price, because the Roborock Dyad cannot stand upright on its own. This is usually very useful, since it hardly takes up any space and you can stop immediately in the middle of the cleaning process. Here you first have to unfold a stand on the back and then set it up diagonally. It’s just a small thing, but it’s still a shame because I actually find it very practical.

Roborock Dyad – Wipe and brush clean

The Roborock Dyad works on the same simple principle as most other vacuum robots. You fill the water tank with clean water and detergent, start the device and the motorized brushes rotate with a very powerful output of 260 watts. This makes it particularly powerful, as many other models work with 200 watts. If the device is in operation, the brushes are moistened and you can start wiping immediately. The handling is really very good, so that you can finish the wiping process within a few minutes. The only difficult thing is wiping under furniture, since you have to move most of the upholstered furniture, for example, because the Roborock Dyad, like practically every vacuum wiper currently, is not flat enough. This is also not possible, as the water in the water tanks would run back.

Roborock Dyad Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Test Review

It doesn’t matter if it’s stubborn dry dirt or if the floor is completely wet, for example if you drop something more liquid on the floor. The Roborock Dyad sucks it all up and wipes the floor clean immediately afterwards. Ideally, you should empty the dirty water tank after the process, which the device will tell you immediately if it notices that it is real dirt that you no longer want to store in it, or if the tank is full. For this purpose, the Roborock Dyad can speak in different languages. The voice will also ask you to have the brushes cleaned. To do this, place the machine in the charging station, press the wash button and only have to wait 2-3 seconds, where the brush is completely washed with fresh water and detergent. The result is a clean and almost dry brush.

Roborock Dyad Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Test Review

The LED display also shows you the current status. This includes the battery status, whether you are in Auto / Max / Floor drying mode and error messages are also displayed here. So if you decide to mute the Roborock Dyad, you are not completely lost.

Roborock Dyad Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Test Review

Roborock Dyad – Battery

The Roborock Dyad is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery and lasts 35 minutes in Auto mode or 25 minutes in Max mode. Difficult to say if you can actually get 280m² in time as it depends on how you mop the floor, but for a three storey house it’s enough. By default, you can stay in auto mode all the time. The Roborock Dyad takes care of switching to Max itself and whenever it is necessary. Charging itself takes 4 hours.

Roborock Dyad Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Test Review

Roborock Dyad Price and Availability

The Roborock Dyad is already available and can be purchased directly from be ordered. Our test device also comes directly from geek maxi. Since the device is sent from the EU warehouse, you also have fast shipping, no customs fees and a 2-year guarantee. The Roborock Dyad costs EUR 399.99 RRP, whereby you get EUR 369.00 with the “9RwuxWYR” coupon, i.e. a 40% discount (no affiliate, we don’t earn anything from the code).

In terms of price, I think the Roborock Dyad is absolutely fine. In view of other devices from Roborock and current competition, I would have actually expected a slightly higher price, since Roborock is already heading towards premium quality. In fact, the price was higher than the current RRP when it was announced, so I’m pleased that the price has been adjusted and I therefore think the price is quite fair. Especially on offer.

Roborock Dyad Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Test Review

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