Resident Evil Village works better with -apkrig crack

Over the past weekend, a crack appeared on the PC version of Resident Evil Village, the latest installment of Capcom’s famous horror series. Thanks to the protection of Denuvo, the game lasted for more than two months and thus helped the publisher to record record sales of several million, thus fulfilling one of the primary purposes of all anti-piracy measures. So protect the game in the first wave of sales and guarantee that at the time of the peak marketing campaign there will be no way to get to the game for free. For groups of crackers, however fight did not end and the newly published crack was delivered unplanned, even with an interesting bonus in the form of strong arguments, supporting the general criticism of Denuva. The players quickly found out that without protection, Resident Evil Village runs faster, which was subsequently confirmed by experts from Digital Foundry, thus proving that everyone who does not like to pay extra for buying the game in a legal way.

A detailed analysis of Digital Foundry reveals, in the first seconds, huge partial differences in specific scenes in versions with and without protection. On an identical set with an i9 10900K processor, an RTX 3080 graphics card and the same graphics preset settings, the differences in the framerat differ easily by tens of fps, and on the original version without crack, there are often long jams. According to the DF, these appear, for example, at the moment when flocks of insects appear on the scene, and even worse, they start during the shootouts. As Richard Leadbetter points out, this is a serious problem when it comes to the fundamental part of the game and a completely unacceptable issue when it is influenced by Denuvo. What’s more, Digital Foundry alerted Capcom to the problems before the release, but after more than two months, no fixes have been made. “If the pirated version of the game runs better than the official one, then it’s simply not a job well done,” concludes Digital Foundry.

But this bitter story could have an at least partially satisfying end. No, Denuvo will not be allowed out of the game yet, although many players would like to, not only at Village, but Capcom responded to Digital Foundry’s analysis and promised to focus on the issues listed. “The team is working on a fix that should address the performance of the game on the PC, it will be available soon. We will have more details for you in a short time, “Capcom told Eurogamer technical staff. Regardless, no one can erase another of the many pieces of evidence that Denuvo directly affects game performance, as players have repeatedly pointed out in the past. On the other hand, they are developers v pasti against pirates who would like to deprive them of their earnings and certainly cannot be argued by large companies do not have this problem. This is largely a principle and an effort to prevent illegal use of software, and unfortunately there are no simple solutions or answers.

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