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Recommended: movies and series in March 2023 on HBO Max

Recommended: movies and series in March 2023 on HBO Max

After our previous article about new films and series in March 2023 on Netflix and Videoland, it is now time to explain the new films and series on HBO+. In the Netherlands, the streaming service HBO Max can be used on March 8. You pay for a subscription between 5.99 and 7.99 euros per month. Do you opt for an annual subscription? Then you pay the equivalent of 3.92 euros per month.

Series: Perry Mason

Perry Mason – played by actor Matthew Rhys – is a private detective in the service of a wise lawyer in this series. During his work he sticks his nose in dirty cases, where coming out unscathed is not an option. In the second season, Mason takes action for two men suspected of committing a murder. He is convinced that these two suspects are innocent and brings the real culprit to light. Watch the trailer for the second season below, which will be available on HBO Max from March 7.

Series: House of Hammer

The highly anticipated docuseries House of Hammer uncovers actor Armie Hammer’s dark family history. Several women dared to go public with the relationship they entered into with the married Hammer. The relationship seemed like a dream at first, but soon turned into a nightmare. The three-part docuseries will be available to stream on HBO Max from March 15. Watch the trailer below.

Series: Succession

The story of Succession is about Logan Roy, one of the most powerful in the world of media and entertainment. When Roy reaches the age of 80, everyone around him expects him to step down and pass the baton from Waystar Royco. All four of his children are willing to take over from him. In the four seasons they have to deal with various scandals and takeovers. The fourth season can be streamed on HBO Max from March 27. Can’t wait? Then watch the three previous seasons first. See the season 4 trailer below.

Movie: Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me

The new film with Marlon Wayans is an HBO Original and can now be seen via this streaming service. You’ll watch the hour-long performance during the film as he talks about one of the most infamous and recent events in pop culture: the clap of the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. This Oscar ceremony took place on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, where the most important film awards will be handed out. Watch the trailer below.

Movie: All the President’s Men

Starting March 10, you can stream the movie All the President’s Men on HBO Max. The 138-minute story is based on the book that came out in 1974 and is about the Watergate scandal. It is a movie from the year 1976. In American politics, illegal methods were used during the presidential election of 1972, resulting in the resignation of Richard Nixon. Watch the trailer below.

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