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Plump Butt: dream buttocks with the filter of this phone?

As a reminder, the TECNO Phantom V Fold is a folding laptop designed by the Chinese brand TECNO. Half the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4, this mobile still offers interesting performance, with a SoC Mediatek Dimensity 9000+ 12 GB of RAM and a whole battery of very impressive photo lenses. But since its announcement, testers have discovered little surprises in the device’s interface, including the Plump Butt filter.

This is the TECNO Phantom V Fold!

A photo mode just for your behind

In the V Fold’s camera, a number of beauty filters are available to the user. Among them is an amazing option to give a bouncy appearance to her buttocks. Well, we won’t hide it any longer, according to people who have tested the option, this one gives results in half tone. For once, this is a filter that does not seek to slim down or refine the user’s silhouette. Here, the camera gives volume and inflates the buttocks. Even if it means sometimes also changing the appearance of the stomach and hips. Again we are talking about a gadget that does not benefit from an excellent technical finish.

Excess beauty filters?

Nevertheless, this filter raises a question. As we said, the Phantom V Fold offers a great range of beauty filters, built right into its camera. From decreasing the size of the head, shoulders, waistline or even enlarging the legs, there is something for everyone if you are looking to transform your appearance with a camera.

butt filter
“Slim waist”, “Plump butt” or “Slim legs” are your options… ©Android Authority

But it seems that for some years now, especially in recent months, fashion has been filtered. We no longer appear without; a trend that is all the stronger among young audiences. The increasingly widespread practice of this type of filter among teenagers is cause for concern. At an age when taking responsibility can be difficult, isn’t this feeling reinforced by tools allowing to create an ideal avatar of oneself in the virtual world?

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