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Persona 5: The Phantom X Unveils on iOS, and It’s a Huge Surprise (Trailer)

An original JRPG on iOSwhich is also based on the prestigious JRPG franchise personas from Atlus? We didn’t really dream of it, and yet, it’s done: The Perfect World Games studio announces Persona 5: The Phantom X a mobile game planned for iOS and Android based on the lore of the fantastic Persona 5! If we are to believe the studio (and the first trailer!) the game will take up the ultra polished aesthetics of the original title but with controls obviously adapted for our iPhones. The studio would have collaborated with Atlus for the realization of this project, and we can say that the secret had been well kept knowing that a trial version of the game will be playable in early access in China from March 29th.

In view of the first trailer, it is already certain that this Persona 5: The Phantom X will be one of the most beautiful games ever seen on mobile, hoping that the pop-jazzy soundtrack of the original title will follow the same path. Strongly that we know more about the scenario and especially the combat system (turn-based), one of the other many strengths of Persona 5 console versions.

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