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Peri wants to build a building with a 3-D printer in Bavaria in spring 21

What is the easiest way to produce objects in the future? For many, the 3-D printer is the means of choice, as it can produce almost any flexible part in a relatively short period of time. We reported to you last Friday that Aptera is using printer components for its futuristic e-car. A German company now wants to know more about it and is now offering an entire printed house.

Specifically, it is about the company Peri, which has already gained experience with the technology in the past. The house now presented is a 4,090 square meter building that can be divided into five different apartments. The residential units are then suitable for single and family households.

The 3-D house is gradually being built up (Image: Peri)

The portal printer BOD2 is used, which, according to Peri, is the fastest printer for such work. The planned time to complete the building is just as impressive: the construction project should be completed within 6 weeks and then be habitable in March or April 2021. But how does BOD2 actually proceed?

Two trained workers operate the 3-D printer and use a camera to monitor whether it is actually being used in the right places. Once the printer has been calibrated, it moves over the entire printing area without any further alignment. Once the printing process has started, an approximately 1 square meter double facade can be printed within 5 minutes.

The printer applies layer-by-layer (Image: Peri)

Although it is not yet possible to print out the entire house ready for occupancy, pipes for water and power cables are still being delivered and installed manually, but the planned 3-D printer house shows that building a building no longer needs to take months. Now it just has to be proven that this is just as durable as a conventionally manufactured house.

The question of materials and sustainability also arises. An interesting aspect that you could definitely compare after construction is which construction method is more sustainable and ecological. Because in my opinion, only if modern production methods are also good for the environment do they have future prospects.

via Business Insider

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