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Pendula Swing

It sounds crazy, but that’s the result of an interesting game. The Pendula Swing RPG adventure will take you to America in her crazy 20th century. These are tainted by the presence of other beings rather than just extravagantly devoured people.

And somewhere in the middle of that mummy you stand, the former dwarf hero Brialynne Don Tunde, who once was long deserved she took to the deserted island in peace. From here, it will lead you to theft of an important artifact.

Everywhere we play strange music, people and other humanoids wear special clothes, horses are some quicker and ironier, and in the daylight there are just the wandering orcs and goblins among the others … It’s a shock, but there is no time for jostling.

The pendula swing is divided into episodes. There are not quite five of them, but seven, of which the first three are currently available. The good news is that the first episode, with the subtitle Tired and Retired, is absolutely free on Steam and Android.

The second episode, The Old Hero’s New Journey, is currently in the 3.6 Eura discount and the third most recent Orced Hard or Hardly Orcing for 4 , 5 euros, which is the standard price for all episodes. Unfortunately, the season pass is missing, but the two paid episodes can be found in the bundle for 5.7 euros

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