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We are at the end of the next week, we are seriously approaching the middle of the holidays and the news is still not quiet. Valve prepared a big bomb for us last night – the announcement of his own PC handheld Steam Deck. But there is also more information about Battlefield, Resident Evil and the very interesting survival Dread Hunger, which acts as Among Us from the era of dangerous naval expeditions from the 19th century.

List of topics

00:43 – Valve reveals his handheld Steam Deck. He should be able to play modern AAA games. It will arrive in December for the price of the PS5 without a drive

18:17 – Dread Hunger is a survival inspired by Among Us. Can you and your friends survive a historic voyage through the polar landscape when two traitors lurk in the crew?

23:57 – Battlefield 2042 does not offer intergenerational cross-play. The presence of shoes to fill in the missing players cannot be suppressed. Maps on the PS4 / Xbox One will be smaller

30:10 – Three PC games already support the exclusive features of the DualSense driver. After the event Metro Exodus and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers adaptive triggers and haptics as well as Call of Duty

33:42 – Microsoft is considering changing the driver for the Xbox. We like the things Sony has done, we’ll probably focus on something like that, says Phil Spencer

37:08 – Google is trying to attract developers to the Stadium. It promises money from the Stadium Pro subscription, depending on the launch, as well as a larger share of sales of individual games

40:43 – Netflix will also offer viewers video games, says Bloomberg. The company hired a veteran from EA and Zynga. It is said to be games beyond interactive films

45:52 – Actor Christopher Judge will dub the Black Panther in Marvel`s Avengers. He did not want to take the role originally, his family persuaded him

48:48 – Tommy’s drummer will play The Last of Us. However, he does not repeat the role, Gabriel Luna plays Joel’s brother. The roles of Billy and Frank were also cast

51:16 – The organizers attract to QuakeCon. It doesn’t have to be just about Software id. Even this year, the event will take place only digitally. A three-day marathon of announcements, tournaments and charities awaits us

54:59 – Sony will not perform at Gamescom this year either. The list of “exhibitors” includes Microsoft, Activision, EA or Ubisoft. Everything will take place online

57:32 – EA will not reveal any Star Wars game this year. The notification comes before EA Play Live. We will see a new game from this universe in a year at the earliest

59:13 – Resident Evil Village works better with crack. Capcom has already responded to the Digital Foundry analysis. The game is said to have an adequate patch on a PC

1:03:56 – Capcom postpones Resident Evil Re: Verse to 2022. Multiplayer action performed very badly in tests and postponement can only benefit it

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