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Paying for parking with Flitsmeister and KPN Pay, that’s how it works

You can now also pay for your parking ticket in Flitsmeister via your KPN invoice. android world explains how this works.

Mobile parking via Flitsmeister

Since 2019 you can pay for parking with the Flitsmeister app. Flitsmeister recognizes whether you are in a parking zone and will ask you after a ride if you want to start a parking action. As soon as you start driving again, we will immediately send you a notification to stop the parking action. That way you never pay too much. You pay €0.35 transaction costs per parking action plus the costs for parking itself. You can pay by direct debit or with your credit card.

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Pay for your parking ticket via KPN

If you have a subscription with KPN, you can now also pay for parking with Flitsmeister via your KPN invoice. KPN has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Flitsmeister for this purpose.

With KPN Pay you can pay for an app or a purchase in an app via your KPN invoice. Paying for parking with Flitsmeister has now been added to this.

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Set up KPN Pay in the Flitsmeister app

Are you a Flitsmeister user and would you like to pay for parking via your KPN invoice from now on? Then follow these steps to set up KPN Pay in the Flitsmeister app:

  1. Go to parking in the Flitsmeister menu at the top left of the app.
  2. Create an account or choose the payment method directly ‘KPN Pay‘. The rest follows naturally.
  3. Do you already have an account? Then switch on the parking function and choose KPN Pay as the payment method. Have you already enabled the parking function? Then you can easily set up KPN Pay as a payment method. Go to Change payment method and choose KPN Pay.
  4. You will see your parking transactions on the next invoice (online purchases) of your mobile subscription

Are you going to use KPN Pay to pay for parking transactions in Flitsmeister? Let us know in the comments.



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