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Parents in shock: inappropriate images of Amsterdam childcare are circulating on the internet

The childcare is preparing a declaration, confirms director Nicole Krabbenborg of Kindergarden childcare.

The intern was fired immediately after it leaked that she had shared the images. The young intern – who works at the Amsterdam Stadstimmertuin branch – posted a video on Snapchat and TikTok in which a number of children are recognizable. She did this without her supervisor knowing about it. This compilation of images shows, among other things, that a ball is kicked at two children who then fall over.

A child is also asked to imitate a seal and a video shows two children on top of each other in a lying position, with the text ‘they start early’. In another video, the intern shows an image of two men kissing and asks a child what can be seen in the photo. Crying children can also be seen and one of them also raises a middle finger. Finally, a peeing child can be seen on a toilet and another child is being changed.

A parent saw the images on social media and immediately warned childcare on Sunday. He took the report seriously and put together a crisis team. The intern immediately erased the images. A Kindergarden employee took the video to the police that Sunday for advice. On Monday, a forensic expert examined her phone.

No criminal offenses emerged from an initial investigation. “But it should be clear that this behavior towards the children is unacceptable,” says Krabbenborg. The intern was supervised by an employee who has 21 years of experience in the shelter. “The intern has impressed upon us that the employee cannot help it and that she has done everything secretly.”


The anxiety among the parents is great. On the Facebook page, the daycare center is even called on to close its doors. ‘My daughter is at Kindergarden. I find it nauseating and I am also really shocked! How could this have happened?’, writes one of the parents. “My daughter is at Kindergarden. I want to know what kind of behavior has been shown. Cross-border is too brief for me’, says another.

Various angry parents speak of ‘pornographic material’ on social media, but according to the police this is not the case. “It is not about images that show children naked. It remains to be seen whether the images are criminal in nature at all. The investigation is still ongoing,” said a spokesman.

Source: ANP

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