Pango Halloween Memory –

Is it good to be afraid? With Pango, there is no doubt. Always in the company of his friends, the famous little raccoon returns with this memory game, in a haunted mansion on Halloween night …

As the great Jacques Higelin sang so well, the night promises to be beautiful because the red moon appears in the depths of the sky …

For Halloween, Pango and his friends ring the doorbell of a dark and dismal mansion asking for candy.
But this mansion is haunted by naughty and playful ghosts.
In order to collect his sweets, Pango overcomes his fear and enters the mansion.

Once the mansion is free from ghosts, the candy will be yours!

Characteristics :
– Help Pango free the mansion from prankster ghosts.
– Explore the different rooms of the mansion, the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms …
– Find the ghosts hidden in all the objects of the decor.
– Memorize the position of the ghosts and match the pairs to make them disappear.
– Immerse yourself in the Halloween atmosphere.
– More than 10 levels.
– Discover a different mansion every game.
– Play your memory.
– An adapted and progressive difficulty.
– Match 8 ghosts for the simplest levels.
– Match 40 ghosts for the most difficult levels.
– No stress, no time limit, no competition.

And as with all Studio Pango apps: Internal parental controls, and no third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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