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‘OnePlus will collaborate with Leica for OnePlus 9 series’

OnePlus has previously announced that it wants to get even more out of the closet for photography. New reports are now coming in that OnePlus would collaborate with Leica on cameras for the OnePlus 9 series. What can we expect?

Leica cameras in OnePlus devices?

OnePlus would collaborate with Leica to realize the cameras in the OnePlus 9 series. The company is a well-known name in the photography world. The German manufacturer has been working with Huawei for smartphone cameras since 2016 and is doing good business with it. Not only are Leica lenses used, but certain knowledge is also shared with the manufacturer in order to be able to offer the best camera quality. According to the source, OnePlus is now also choosing to work with Leica.

The cameras of the OnePlus devices are getting a bit better with each generation, but to be honest; they are not quite competing with the competition. That may need to change with this step. The OnePlus 9 series will probably have cameras from Leica. OnePlus itself has not said anything about this yet. However, it is a fact that Pete Lau, CEO of the Chinese manufacturer, has previously said that it wants to improve the camera performance of the phones.

It is still unknown whether the full OnePlus 9 series will work with Leica, or whether it is only for the OnePlus 9 Pro. We are in any case curious what results this will have for the camera quality. Of course we will find out more about this.

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