Okay, you want this new feature in Google Photos

Google Photos is coming with a new feature, and you’ll want to set it up ASAP!

Some of the photos you save you actually want to keep to yourself. Not that a drunk friend takes your smartphone and starts browsing through your albums. That extra spicy photo of yourself should of course not be on Instagram. To put your mind at ease, Google Photos now comes with a handy new feature.

New Google Photos feature

As of now, the feature is available and is called: Locked Folder. With this function you can protect selected photos and/or videos by setting a password. That is of course very nice for your peace of mind. Of course, your phone is already protected with a fingerprint scanner, password or facial recognition. But even then, you really don’t want that one photo public. And we don’t have it all. That you still give your phone to your boyfriend or girlfriend and he scrolls through all your photos very nonchalantly. Rather not!

This also prevents them from being placed in a photo library. So you can place photos in this ‘Locked Folder’, for example, so that they no longer appear in your normal overview. And not in your memories either. As a result, the files are no longer automatically placed in your backup, which can be a disadvantage.


Which is also a disadvantage, the feature does not come directly to all Android devices. It will be rolled out first on Google’s latest Pixel smartphones (Pixel 3 minimum). Do you have the latest update on it? The function is now available. Google is planning to introduce it widely. In fact, it should eventually come to all Android devices. This is predicted to happen in the coming months.

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