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No internet while calling with your iPhone? That’s how you solve it

Do you often call with your iPhone, but does your mobile internet keep disappearing while calling? Super annoying! This function solves the problem.

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No more internet during a call on your iPhone

It’s a common problem: you start a phone call on your iPhone, but your mobile internet immediately disappears when you start the call. The moment you hang up, your mobile internet only returns. Super annoying, especially if you want to look something up or send a message via the internet during the telephone conversation.

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The problem is easy to solve with most iPhones, so that you can also use your mobile internet during a telephone conversation. iPhoned explains how to solve this problem.

Mobile internet during your telephone conversation

It depends on the provider you have whether you can use the mobile internet during your telephone conversation. Your provider must in any case have support for 4G or 5G, most providers now have that in the Netherlands. All iPhones since the iPhone 5 have 4G, so chances are your iPhone can connect to a 4G (LTE) network. The iPhone 12 and newer even supports 5G.

To enable mobile internet during your phone call, your provider must also support VoLTE. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, which simply means calling via 4G. With this feature enabled, you’ll have better sound quality when calling because your phone call is being conducted over the mobile network. In the meantime, you can surf on your mobile network with VoLTE.

You turn on VoLTE in the following way:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone;
  2. Go to ‘Mobile network’;
  3. Under ‘Sim cards’, choose the number whose settings you want to change;
  4. Tap on ‘Calls and data’;
  5. Turn on ‘VoLTE’ to turn on mobile internet during a phone call.
Enable VoLTE

If you don’t see VoLTE under ‘Calls and data’, your provider doesn’t (yet) support the new feature. Providers that do support VoLTE are in any case Vodafone and Tele2.

However, a number of providers do not have this VoLTE support, so there is a chance that you will not have mobile internet while calling with your iPhone. Connecting to a WiFi network is still possible.

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