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In the middle of last week, Bloomberg published a report that Nintendo is introducing an OLED version of the Switch not only with an interest in improving the user experience, but also with an effort to increase the overall sales margin of each new piece. Analyst Takashi Mochizuki operated in the belief that the cost of producing a new model would increase by about $ 10, while the price rose five times the original price of the Switch. He also wanted to point out that Nintendo goes against established trends where the console price tag has been declining over the years, rejecting comparisons with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. the Switch model does not happen. As expected, Bloomberg sparked a lively debate, and after the unveiling of the Steam Deck – although it can only withstand comparisons with the Switch – there were very critical responses to Nintendo.

Perhaps that is why Japanese society has decided to do something it does not usually do, that is, to comment on the speculations and accusations brought by Bloomberg. On the official twitter account Japanese Therefore, Nintendo has released a report that denies the higher margin on the device and also comments on the continuing speculation that perhaps the announcement of another Switch model, which is most often referred to as a performance-enhanced Pro version, would be in sight. “Message [Bloombergu] claims that the OLED margin of the Nintendo Switch model will increase compared to the original model. To ensure understanding on the part of our investors and customers, we want to make it clear that this statement is incorrect, ”says a spokesman for Nintendo. On behalf of the next model, he adds that the OLED model of the Switch will be launched during October and Nintendo has no plans to launch any other model at this time.

On the other hand, the expression of the parties of the speculated Switch Pro seems to be the only logical outcome of the situation. It is unlikely that Nintendo would like to say plans to sell a more powerful model too far in advance so as not to damage the sale of the basic or upcoming OLED version. Also, the chosen words certainly do not refute that Switch Pro was going to, and in the past, not only Nintendo was expressed in this way. It is therefore still obvious to expect that new The switch will arrive, but the estimates that it will be beginning to come true sooner than later. One important aspect may be the persistent shortage of chips and the consequent effort to have a sufficient number of consoles available for sale to avoid order delays. But for Nintendo – and any other technology company – the current state of the hardware is a huge trap because it is not possible to manufacture devices to stock, due to the constant development of technology and changes in prices.

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