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New WhatsApp: how to edit a message after it has been sent?

Correct a message on WhatsApp? It’s possible

The WhatsApp messaging application has just announced the deployment of a new feature. From now on, it will be possible for users to easily correct a message sent. Perfect for hiding a mistake or changing the meaning of your text. This option therefore enriches the interaction a posteriori with correspondence, thus joining the functionality of deleting a sent message.

This new option is inspired by the interface of iOS. Introduced on iOS 16, this ability is built into Apple’s Messages app. Once again, WhatsApp seems to find plenty of inspiration in Apple-branded updates.

How to edit your message on WhatsApp?

The message editing feature is rolling out to devices using messaging. The new WhatsApp update offers an easy-to-use correction interface, available to all users in the coming weeks.

whatsapp message
Edit your messages on WhatsApp – Source: WhatsApp press release

To use it, the teams have chosen the easy way. All the user has to do is press the desired message for a few seconds; this brings up a context menu with the Edit option. Then, all you have to do is make the desired corrections. Important to know: this option is only available within fifteen minutes of sending. In addition, the message will be accompanied by the mention Modified, allowing the recipient to identify content corrected by the interlocutor.

The WhatsApp update joins the long list of additions made by the messaging teams over the past few months. While retaining the encryption of messages, earning it the wrath of Europe, it is expanding with options that strengthen the privacy of its users.

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