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Netflix: what are the best prices and the best offers?

Netflix: what are the best prices and the best offers?

Netflix Pricing Summary

Netflix Essential – With Ads

  • €5.99/month
  • A screen
  • Standard Definition
  • With advertisements

Netflix Essential – Ad Free

  • €8.99/month
  • A screen
  • Standard Definition
  • Without advertisements


  • €13.49/month
  • Two screens
  • HD


  • €17.99/month
  • Four 4K displays
  • Dolby Atmos
  • HDR
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All Netflix prices…

Netflix Essential – With advertising – €5.99/month

This is the basic offer for Netflix. Arriving in October 2022, it provides access to the streaming platform for €5.99/month, in return for advertising breaks. On average, 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements are broadcast every hour of content viewed.

This offer allows only one simultaneous screen to access the account, for a maximum quality of 720p and without access to download or offline catalog.

Netflix Essential – No Ads – €8.99/month

Here, we find overall the same Netflix price as for the previous offer, with the major difference being the absence of advertising. For 3 € more, finish the regular cuts of your content by sponsored videos.

For the rest, a single simultaneous screen, standard quality for the video as well as access to the offline catalog thanks to downloading. The minimum therefore, but without advertising.

Netflix Standard – €13.49/month

This is the streaming platform’s intermediate subscription. This Netflix price offers better video quality, with HD definition (1080p), available on two different screens simultaneously.

A superior quality offer, interesting for families or couples wishing to consult different programs.

Netflix Premium – €17.99/month

This is the highest package. This Netflix price offers the best of what the platform can make available: four screens simultaneously, all in HD and even in Ultra HD. It is thus possible to watch your favorite series in 4K.

Perfect then for large families or flatmates who are fans of “binge watching” who want to watch different programs. Please note, account sharing is now under surveillance!

Note that it is also possible to subscribe to Netflix via a VPN! An interesting way to locate yourself in a country offering more attractive offers. If you don’t have a VPN, we can recommend NordVPN (€4.19/month), CyberGhost (€2.11/month) Or Surfshark (€2.30/month).

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