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Netflix to spend $ 19 billion in 2021

It could be a record. According to estimates by the Dutch bank Banklr, Netflix plans to invest no less than $ 19 billion in 2021, for the production of its upcoming films and series exclusive to the platform. In 2020, the company had spent $ 17 billion developing original content. Netflix therefore continues to increase its investments year after year.

By comparison, Netflix put on the table “only” $ 4.9 billion in 2005. Either way, it’s no wonder the company led by Reed Hastings is investing so much money in its home contents. Exclusives are the sinews of war, and Netflix owes its popularity to its flagship series like Narcos, Strangers Things, Daredevil, The Witcher or even more recently The Lady’s Game.

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A catalog made up of 50% original content

Remember that Netflix has set itself the goal of ensuring that its catalog is composed at 50% original content. For now, this strategy has indeed borne fruit, since the platform can boast of having 200,000 million subscribers. In addition, the profusion of original productions allows Netflix to remain the number one streaming service, despite the proliferation of competitors: Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, OCS, HBO Max (soon), or even Apple +.

While Netflix can boast of having dozens and dozens of exclusives, Disney + is satisfied with the excellent series The Mandalorian. Of course, at Mickey’s we also have all the great classic animation (Disney & Pixar) or Star Wars and Marvel universes, but it must be said that new products are rare. At Amazon, the situation is a little better, with The Boys, Carnival Row or Truth Seekers. But we are still far from the ultra-extensive Netflix catalog.

In this regard, we already know some of the Netflix series and films scheduled for 2021. Subscribers will be able to enjoy themselves in front of After Life (season 3), Cobra Kai (season 3), the spin-off of Vikings : Valhalla (season 1), the highly anticipated third season ofUmbrella Academy, The Crown (season 5), or the seventh season of The 100, you know the teenagers lost in the forest on a hostile planet. We almost forgot the fourth season of Strangers Things of course ! Do you want to have this content before everyone else and enjoy new films and series on French Netflix? Use a VPN and take a look at the American, Canadian, English or Japanese catalog legally. The US Netflix alone offers almost twice as many films… AND in most cases, we can put the dubbing in French… Right now CyberGhost and its servers specialized in the stream is only 2 € / month

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