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Google Assistant closes 2020 with a very ugly New Year’s song

The Google Assistant is of course well aware that 2020 has not exactly been the best year. This is probably why Google’s helper comes with a matching New Years song.

The New Year’s song

There would certainly not be any seats at The Voice, and that’s why it’s nice that the Google Assistant the song short. It is an 8-bit robot voice that takes you straight back to the 80s with its standard lyrics.

Do you want to enjoy it too? Then give the following voice command to your Google Home, Google Nest, or another smart device with Google Assistant. Do you have a Google Nest Hub? Then use that device to view the corresponding, well what is it, globe (or Time Square Ball).

“Okay, Google, sing the New Year’s song.”

Google has added another joke to the Assistant. At the bottom is the follow-up question “What’s the magic word?” and that is of course “Please”. You can also ask for the good intentions, both in English and in Dutch. While we’re there: “What are your good intentions?” Let us know in the comments.

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