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NAY Android of the Year 2020: Innovation

survey NAY Android Roka 2020 is in full swing. You too can vote for your favorite Androids in six categories. In addition to increasing your chances of winning your favorite, you also have a chance to win a number of prizes.

This year we have prepared the main prize for you Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and other valuable prizes. All you have to do is vote on the page and vote for your favorite!

To make your decision easier, we will gradually introduce all the competition categories. Today came a number of categories Innovation.

The second generation of the first flexible mobile phone from Samsung. It brought several improvements, in the form of a more durable display, smaller frames, better hinges, newer equipment and so on. Overall, this is a very successful evolution of the flexible mobile phone.

It is powered by Snapdragon 865+, along with 12 GB of RAM, so it has more than enough power. It contains up to 5 cameras: 3 on the back and two are selfie cameras of each display. Both displays (indoor and outdoor) contain a selfie sensor. On the back we find three 12 MP sensors – main, ultra wide angle and 2x telephoto. Selfie sensors are the same – 10 MP lenses.

Of course, we will also introduce another flexible smartphone that has entered our market. It is the Motorola razr 5G, which is also an improvement on the existing model. Motorola has already released one stamp in 2019.

At the turn of 2020, Motorola improved mainly the design, but also the interior. Work with the QuickView external display has become more efficient, support for a physical SIM card (previously only an e-SIM), a more powerful Snapdragon 765G processor, 8 GB RAM and a new 48 MP lens have been added.

However, Motorola still has a long way to go, for 1500 € only the Snapdragon 765G is a bit disproportionate, the battery has a capacity of only 2800 mAh and the buttons are smaller than comfortable. Also, there is only one speaker and the smartphone does not support wireless charging.

Motorola razr 5GLG Dual Screen

The LG Dual Screen is basically an accessory – an extension of one screen for LG smartphones. Specifically, it is available for the LG Velvet device.

Basically, it is a case in which, after insertion, you also allow transfer to the second screen and you have almost a tablet from your mobile phone. According to Jerryrigeverything, this is the same screen that the LG Velvet uses. Its price in our country is around € 200.

LG Poland has promoted such a Dual Screen a little disproportionately.

Another large company has embarked on the production of flexible smartphones – it is Huawei. Huawei with its Mate Xs is also in the second generation of a flexible smartphone. The first was Mate X, which came out last year.

And what has changed? Compared to the second generation of flexible smartphones, Mate Xs only received processor improvements. The new one supports 5G and is called Kirin 990. However, what got worse is that Mate Xs lost Google services (Mate X still had them).

The robotic vacuum cleaner from Roborock (partly owned by Xiaomi) has long been one of the leaders on the market. So how can an ordinary robotic vacuum cleaner be better than the competition?

For example, the high suction draft, which collects most of the small impurities. Also a large number of sensors, making it smarter than the competition. It can pinpoint its position at any time after switching on, even if you have moved it further away from the charging station. It uses GPS, but also laser navigation (so-called turret), which helps it locate familiar objects and analyze obstacles in real time.

It is also surprisingly quiet if you set it to silent mode. If you need proper performance, it will become a little noisier, but it is not worse than the noise of ordinary vacuum cleaners. He can also mop.

iRobot Roomba Combo

The iRobot Roomba Combo is an affordable robotic vacuum cleaner that is also incredibly intelligent. It supports Alexa voice assistant, 2 vacuuming modes and 3 moping modes. Its endurance is approaching two hours thanks to a 3000 mAh battery.

This vacuum cleaner also has a number of handy sensors, thanks to which it can vacuum effectively. It also supports the intelligent iRobot HOME application, which can design suitable vacuuming times according to your habits. By the way, if you participate in the vote, you have a chance to win this handy household helper.

iRobot roomba combo

NAY Android Year 2020: Category Innovation

Voting and rating of the best Android devices for the past year NAY Android Roka 2020 is here again. For the eleventh time, together with the readers of the Mô website, we will be looking for the “best” from the world of Android.

This year, the facilities are applying for placements in eight categories. One of them is the TOP Android smartphone category, in which you will find all the above-mentioned smartphones. You can vote for your favorite and at the same time take part in the competition for fantastic prizes!

What can you win?

In the poll NAY Android Roka 2020 you can win thanks to your vote up to 20 prices. The main prize is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone, donated by the general partner NAY as.

In addition to it, however, there are other valuable prizes in the game. Every voter has a chance to get smartphones as well Poco X3, Motorola moto g9 plus, TCL 10L, Alcatel 1S, robotic vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba Combo, gaming headset Creative SXFI Gamer, smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5or audio adapter BT-W3 from Creative.

How can you increase your chances of winning?

Although each voter can only join once, the most active have the opportunity to significantly increase their chances of winning. This year, too, it is possible to invite your acquaintances to the survey, for which we will reward you accordingly. All voters who invite at least five other friends or acquaintances to the poll are included in the draw for 5x ESET Mobile Security license and 5x lifetime Sygic navigation license.

The voter who invites the most friends to the poll automatically wins the CAT S42 smartphone. You can invite acquaintances to the survey via your account on the website.

These smartphones are protected by ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

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