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‘My go-to sleep aid: online shopping and Insta scrolling’

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The purchase of anti-radiation stickers, without a bra on the street and where is that telephone anyway? Lack of sleep does strange things to people, this mother knows all about that.

Monica (32): “Unfortunately, we are not blessed with good sleepers as children. Mila (5) runs from her bed to us every night and prefers to be glued to me. Lewis (3) has a lot of nightmares, so I often spend hours trying to calm him down and get him back to sleep. The result is that I wake up with every sound and am also up half the nights.

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sleeping pill

My go-to sleep aid: online shopping and Insta scrolling. Sleepy purchases are therefore not strange to me. I buy the craziest things in the middle of the night. For example, I was seduced by an Insta advertisement of a sticker that you stick on your mobile against radiation. I immediately bought six for everyone around me, because who wants radiation?! They are still untouched in a box.

“I buy the craziest things in the middle of the night”

The worst part is that nine times out of ten I forget what I bought. Recently a new high chair was delivered. I really didn’t remember that he had paid at night. My score from last night? Christmas baubles, pajamas for the children and the new cookbook by Jet van Nieuwkerk…”

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