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It’s the sales at Twitter! Advertisers back to the niche?

“It’s the end of Twitter”, “Elon Musk is going to kill Twitter” : as many nonsense as we have seen on the networks since the purchase of the blue bird by the billionaire. It was quickly forgetting one thing: a billionaire does not earn billions by doing anything with his money. Admittedly, advertisers were hesitant after Elon I took power. It must be said that they do not like the waves and the promise of better freedom of expression did not please everyone. We don’t like to imagine his advertisement for Colgate or Peugeot right next to a post praising the Third Reich. Ja?

It’s the sales at Twitter!

However, advertisers return to the blue bird. Even though 14 of the top 30 advertisers have stopped all advertising since the Musk era, others are landing on the platform. It must be said that Musk’s goal has always been to make money with his investment. To do this, he slashes prices. It is sales at Rocket Man with -50% as if it were raining!

For a budget of $250,000, you double your impression rate (visible ads) with the added bonus of access to the Super Bowl period! “Everything at 10 balls or r’j’emballe”. This is how we can see advertisements flourish: Disney+, Vuitton, Forbes, Reuters, the NBA and many other companies around sportbut also other companies with more modest incomes who take advantage of Uncle Elon’s sales to make themselves known on a social network that is still very popular.

Let’s take this opportunity to have a thought for those who fled Twitter to Mastodon before realizing that they did not have the level to operate the device. And another thought for those who have been brave enough to create an account and set everything up, but don’t speak with anyone, because there is no one there…

Seedy Journalists versus Rocket Man

Even if Musk’s arrival undoubtedly marked a halt and a period of mistrust, let’s remember that Twitter’s advertising revenues have collapsed by 40% in one year. And the old bald hasn’t been there that long. We’re not really fans of the guy, but it must be said that despite his publicity stunts and his sometimes stupid inventions, Musk is not where he is by chance. It’s always so funny to see seedy journalists explaining that he’s stupid.

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