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‘My daughter neurotically peels off the labels everywhere’

‘My daughter neurotically peels off the labels everywhere’

Ape your great hero or can’t stand the sight of a label on a bottle: these kids have a special tic.

Isabelle (37), mother of Isa (5):

“No bottle or tube is safe for my daughter. Ever since she was a baby, she neurotically peels off the labels everywhere. Something I can’t handle very badly, because I think it looks ugly, with those adhesive residues on a bottle or tube. It’s also inconvenient that you don’t know whether something is shampoo or bubble bath.

She used to do it in stores too, then she was already messing around and picking in the shopping cart. Now she mainly does it with bottles of drinks and care products. I have a monthly subscription to a beauty goodie box. She can open it first, but I have to stop her from pulling everything off.”

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Just like his hero

Janneke (29), mother of Lex (2):

“At first I thought Lex had head lice. I thought it was a bit early for a two-year-old, but something couldn’t help but tickle, because I kept seeing him making a scratching movement on the back of his head. Now I know what he does and why. It has nothing to do with itchy bugs, but everything to do with his great hero Bumba.

“I kept seeing him making a scratching motion on the back of his head”

When I tell him he’s doing something crazy or when he has to laugh at himself, Lex puts his hand to his head and I hear him shout: ‘Oi oi oi!’ He has been doing this a few times a day for a month or two now. So far we think it’s funny. By the time it starts to annoy us, we will switch to another video on YouTube.”

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